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About Us

Clic Hypothèque is a private alternative mortgage financing company specializing in short-term loans in the Greater Montreal area. We offer financing options (private loans) to individuals and companies whose financing request has been rejected by traditional banking institutions.

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About Clic Hypothèque

A Simple Solution

We can lend up to 70 % of the value of your asset (condo, home or other property)

Have you applied for a mortgage or mortgage renewal through your bank and been rejected? Has your bank sent you a 60-day foreclosure notice? Clic Hypothèque offers quick and easy financing solutions without the restrictions imposed by most traditional banks.

Clic Hypothèque uses your house, condo, apartment building or other property to determine your borrowing potential. Our primary aim is to help you find a temporary financial strategy to buy you the time you need to settle your immediate financial situation and restore your credit file (credit score and credit rating). We can then help you get financing from a traditional lender.

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Simple Mortgage

Quick Financing

Your request will be treated thoroughly and professionally to offer you the best and fairest solution. Our team of alternative financing specialists can answer your request within 24 hours!

Clic Hypothèque is a young and forward-thinking company whose mission is to guide you through various mortgage solutions to help you get the cash you need to reach your goals. Our short-term financing solutions are adapted to your current situation so that you can carry out your project quickly and at a highly competitive interest rate!

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Quick Mortgage
60 days notice
A 60-day notice

Have you received a 60-day Notice? We can help!

Clic Hypothèque can help you get your credit file back on track with your current mortgage lender. Our main goal is to help you avoid foreclosure, and above all, to protect the EQUITY you’ve worked so hard to build over the years!

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When Should I Sell my House during the Year ?
When Should I Sell my House during the Year ?
Real estate follows a cycle that approximately repeats itself from a year to another. In this way, you have more chances to sell during some months than others.
- Thursday, 5 May 2016
How Much Does a Mortgage Penalty Cost?
How Much Does a Mortgage Penalty Cost?
If you sell your house or refinance your mortgage loan before the end of the term, the financial institution that has granted the loan could impose a mortgage penalty, that is to say you will have to
- Monday, 4 April 2016
Do I Have to Mortgage my House to Renovate It?
Do I Have to Mortgage my House to Renovate It?
It is normal for a house to weaken as time goes by, and it needs some renovations after a few years. However, in order to do these this work in your house, you need enough funds.
- Friday, 25 March 2016
Examples of loans
Example of a mortgage loan

Mrs. Latour of Montreal

Hypothèque : 2nd
Taux : 14%
Frais Dossier : 3%
Terme : 1 year
Montant : 50 000$
Hypothèque actuelle : 100 000$
RPV : 150 000$/250 000$ = 60%