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A Private Mortgage

What is a private mortgage?

A private mortgage is a simple short-term solution that involves obtaining funds from a private lender to get your financial situation back on track.

In what situations may you need a private mortgage?

There are several situations in which you could use a private mortgage:

What are the conditions for obtaining a private mortgage?

This type of short-term loan is based on the value of your property. Regardless of your financial situation, the maximum loan value will be calculated according to a loan / value of your property ratio of a maximum of 75%. Unlike traditional financial institutions that have rigid criteria based primarily on your credit history, at Clic Hypothèque we only take equity into account.

Doing business with Clic Hypothèque for your private mortgage

We offer financing solutions at competitive interest rates:

We understand that doing business with a traditional banking institution is not always easy, which is why Clic Hypothèque is there to help you. The approval conditions for obtaining a private mortgage are strict, and people with a difficult credit situation or a non-traditional financial need are frequently refused. Private mortgages therefore prove to be a quick and easy financing option to enable you to carry out your projects or even solve your liquidity needs.

We adapt to your current needs and we are committed to supporting you throughout the process. Thereafter, we will be happy to help you obtain financing from a traditional lender.

Do not hesitate to fill out the loan application, it is free and does not commit you to anything!

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