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Clic Hypothèque can offer you a quick and easy mortgage financing solution to help you start over on the right foot. Our evaluation criteria are a lot more flexible than those used by banks. Clic Hypothèque uses your house, condo, apartment building or other property to determine your borrowing potential. This loan is a short-term solution that gives you a second chance, and above all, buys you the time you need to get your financial situation back on track. It will then be our pleasure to help you get financing from a traditional lender.

The entire Clic Hypothèque team is there to help you find a temporary financial strategy to buy you the time you need to settle your financial situation and restore your credit file (credit rating and credit score).

Here are some situations when Clic Hypothèque can help you:

  • You need a first or second mortgage
  • You need financing for a renovation project
  • You’ve received a foreclosure notice 60-day notice
  • You would like to consolidate your debts
  • You’ve lost your job and need a temporary financing strategy
  • You have a weak credit score
  • You’re a self-employed worker with low reported income
  • Your profile is inadequate for traditional banks
  • You owe income taxes

Terms starting at 3 months

1st mortgage : 9% à 12%

2nd mortgage : 13% à 15%

Processing fee: : 2% à 4%

Financing offered to up to 75% the sale value of your property

Whatever your financial situation, Clic Hypothèque will answer your request within 24 hours in all confidentiality. Our short-term financing solutions can be adapted to your current needs so that you can carry out your project quickly and at a very competitive interest rate! Our private mortgage loan requests are processed swiftly so that we can provide the funding you need without delay; in other words, your request will be handled and finalized in just a few days!

Apply for a private mortgage loan
When Should I Sell my House during the Year ?

When Should I Sell my House during the Year ?
Real estate follows a cycle that approximately repeats itself from a year to another. In this way, you have more chances to sell during some months than others.

- Thursday, 5 May 2016